Saturday 9 March 2013

PMTws - Lucky In Love

  photo PMTws-Sarah1-candystreats.png

this tag tutorial was made using artwork by Elias Chatzoudis
I bought my tubes from MPT but they are now available from Elias's own site HERE
scraps used Lucky in Love by Sarah @Designs by Sarah
available HERE
template 45 by Scrapity Scrap  HERE
Weescotslass Mask 218 HERE
add mask to your mask folder
open up template 45 by scrapity scrap
resize by 80% using smartsize
make certain that all layers box is checked

if you are going to save your finished tag as a png (transparent background)
 delete the white bottom layer

 then copy and paste paper2 from the kit, 
got o layers -arrange- send to bottom

then apply mask  by going to
 then apply WSL Mask 218
by going to Layers - load/save mask from disk 
choose the correct mask and click load or apply.
depending on your version of PSP.
go to Layers - Merge - Merge group
 click inside the large circle with your magic wand tool
which will make your selection (looks like marching ants)

then copy and paste paper of choice as a new layer then go to
selections invert and hit the delete key to remove the excess

go to selections none
repeat this process with all the layers of the template you want to decorate

then add tube of choice, if using the same one as I did,
you get 3 sizes of tube, use the middle size for the one inside the rectangle

with your magic wand tool click inside the big rectangle and add tube as a new layer
go to selections invert - and hit the delete key to remove any excess

selections none

then change the blend mode to screen
do this by going to Layers -  properties - 
and change the drop down menu from normal to screen

click inside each section of the white frame
go to selections invert
 then copy and paste tube of choice into each frame space,
hit the delete key to remove the excess from outside the frame
go to selections none

then add from the kit :
lucky in love word art - resize 50%

bow3 resize by 50%

clovers resize by 50%

ribbon1 resize by 70%

arrange each to liking and add a drop shadow

add full size tube resize by 80% always using smartsize

add your copyright and your name

for Sarah's name I used Recorda Script font size 100 

save your tag with a unique name and you are done.

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