Tuesday 2 April 2013

Charming - Rion Vernon tutorial

 photo RV-Charming-Cora.png

this tag tutorial was made using artwork by Rion Vernon - Pinuptoons pack 167
tubes are available from CDO HERE
scraps used Charming by Cora @ Pimp'd Designs
available HERE
 open up pd13-print2 resize by 90%
go to Image -flip

open up pd13-print1 resize by 90%
copy and paste as a new layer

open up pd13-frame3 resize by 70%
copy and paste as a new layer

click inside the frame with the magic wand tool

go to selections modify expand by 2

then open up paper4 from the kit, resize by 70%

then copy and paste paper as a new layer
go to selections invert then hit the delete key to remove the excess
slide beneath the frame layer

selections - select none

add a drop shadow to the frame

open up ribbon2 resize by 70%

add a drop shadow

add pd13 element, resize by 50%
add a drop shadow

then using your selections tool using the freehand setting -
 using these settings
 photo Charming-selection.jpg
click the around knot of the bow  - see screenshot

 photo Charming-selection2.jpg
then hit the delete key to remove the excess

selections - select none

open up flower2, resize by 40%

add drop shadow

add flower3, resize by 60%

add shadow

add flower charm, resize by 60%

add drop shadow

add tube of choice add shadow

duplicate - slide the duplicate tube beneath the frame layer

with the selection tool draw out a rectangle around the part of the tube that is
poking out from the bottom of the frame

hit delete key to remove

selections - select none

then make the top tube active

and using the eraser tool
erase the bottom section of the tube so that it appears she is popping out of the frame

ad the artist copyright and your name x

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