Saturday 13 November 2010

new tut by me - Emotive Hardcore


here is my latest tutorial, using artwork by Ismael Rac to use this artists work
you must purchase from HERE
Scrap kit used was Emo Girls by Clarey, and have to say its AWESOME!!!
 my girl  really rocked this one! you can purchase it HERE

ok lets start...
open new canvas 600 x 600 pixels

open up halftone cloud from the elements folder of the kit
 resize 70% always use smartsize its smoother,  and arrange to the left of your canvas
next open up the pink large splat resize 70%
arrange to the right

open up word art4 resize 70%
and arrange on canvas about a quarter way down

now open up the blue smoke free rotate left by 90%
copy and paste as a new layer then slide this smoke layer beneath the word art layer
so that it lays just underneath it.

open up a tube of choice, resize if needed, add a drop shadow

make sure word art4 is beneath the tube

now open up word art5

resize 70% arrange to the bottom of the tag, over her mid drift
if following my directions this layer should be above the tube layer.

now add your name and coyright

for Clarey's name I used a font called Trashco 
its a free font download it HERE 

hope you enjoyed this quick and easy tutorial

till next time diane x

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