Tuesday 15 January 2013

Roman - Starlight Forum set - how to blend


this tag was made using a tube is by Roman Zaric called Reed available HERE
old school tutorial
I have used a free texture no 22
 by ArtPlusLove from Deviantart HERE
and an orange gradient you can find some great gradients HERE and HERE
   and some wordart was a limited freebie from my blog HERE
although it isnt anymore...but any white word art would do..
or you can add your own...
open a canvas 600 X 250 pixels

Floodfill with white,  then copy and paste your texture and arrange to your liking

 add tube resize by 60% arange to the left side

duplicate tube resize by 70% and arrange to the right side.

the bottom tube change the blend mode to soft light.
do this by going to Layers - properties -
and the dropdown menu change from normal to soft light

next we will add the grey rectangle that goes across the length of the tag
make a rectangle selection the width of the tag
and floodfill with white

convert to raster layer

 blend mode change to COLOUR LEGACY
do this by going to Layers - properties -
and the dropdown menu change from normal to colour legacy
then add a new layer add floodfill with a gradient of choice
then select all - select float- modify contract by 3 then hit the delete key

selections none...

then go to Adjust- add/remove noise - add noise
use these settings...

for Roman's name I used the MOVIE STAR font background fill white
duplicate then merge down...
 add starlight wordart...resize by 80%
or add your own...
in white text and experiment with the blend mode's to see what you like..

add artist copyright and save your tag...

do the same for a small avatar.
average size for an avatar for forums are 150x150 pixels in size


  1. Thank you for the links to the tutorials!

  2. hi candy! i really like this tutorial! thanks for sharing!