Wednesday 8 August 2012

HOT & SEXY - Tony T

New Tag and tutorial using artwork by Tony Tzanoukakis you can purchase his tubes HERE
scraps used were by me- Bleeding love which is a PTU kit but if you dont have it then probably any red and black themed kit with nice papers will suffice.  
I sell @Twilight Sraps or Digital Chaos 
mask used was by VixPsp mask number 148 get it  HERE

Template by Cry -its a Misfits forum Exclusive no.3 - HERE
and this is her blog where you will find other fab templates HERE
add the mask to your masks folder
first open up the template

and then open up a dark coloured paper of choice add as a new layer onto your canvas
slide it to the bottom
then add the mask by going to Layers - Load/save mask - Load mask from disk
select the mask called Vix_mask148 and click load or apply depending on our version of PSP.
Layers- merge- merge group 

duplicate this merged layer and slide one to the bottom left and one to the top right..

open up a black paper paper  of choice and go to the bottom layer of the template, make this your active layer and go to Selections - select all - select float.

copy and paste a black paper as a new layer 
and hit the delete key on your keyboard to delete the excess.

go to Selections none

repeat those steps for all the layers of the template, alternating black and red papers
if using my kit add the scatters and glitter spill and slide these so that they lay on top of the top mask layer.
the alternative is to add elements of your choosing..

now add tube of choice,  crop your tag to remove any large areas of white
and add a drop shadow to each layer

for the HOT&SEXY wording, I just clicked inside each letter with the magic wand tool, hold down the shift key while selecting
when all letters are selected floodfill the letters with a gradient, I used a red one to match the tag.. then copy and paste your tube  as a new layer each this a few times to fill the words, once happy with placement
go to selections invert, then make each tube layer the active layer and hit the delete key to remove the excess.

go to selections none.
duplicate the gradient layer and bring to the top and add the blinds effect, do this by 
going to Effects- texture effects -  blinds - using these settings
Width 5,  colour white, opacity 50, horizontal checked

add your copyright and save your tag.


  1. I purchased all the materials to do this tut and I can't get the template. Is there anyway you can help me get the template?

  2. Hi you would have to contact the owner of the template, Crys, her blog is