Wednesday 8 August 2012

Spooky-Licious tag and tut with Tony T

New Tag and tutorial using artwork by Tony Tzanoukakis you can purchase his tubes HERE
scraps used were by me, Spooky-Licious you can purchase it at 
Twiligh Sraps HERE or Digital Chaos HERE
mask used was by VixPsp mask number 250 get it HERE 

add the mask to your masks folder

open up a new canvas roughly 650x650 pixels

first open up paper called CandysTreats-SpookyGlittermix4 from the kit add as a new layer onto your canvas
then add the mask by going to Layers - Load/save mask - Load mask from disk
select the mask called Vix_mask250 and click load or apply depending on our version of PSP.
Layers- merge- merge group

That should give you a nice background to work on...

now in the scrap kit folder look for the frame called - CandysTreats-SPOOKYframe2
copy and paste as a new layer onto your canvas.

then with your selection tool, select the entire left half of the frame
and hit the delete key on your keyboard to delete the excess.

go to Selections none

now copy and paste your image/tube of choice, if using the same one as me, you will find this to be a VERY large resize it using smartsize by about 30% and slide this tube layer beneath the frame layer..

then make the frame layer the active layer, and using your magic wand tool, hold the shift key down and select both openings in the frame at the same time...then go to selections invert

now make the tube layer the active layer and hit the delete key to remove the excess.

go to selections none

duplicate the tube/image layer and change the blend mode to overlay..

add elements of choice from the kit,
 I used the spooky tree, just select the trunk of the tree with your selection tool and hit the delete key to remove the trunk., add the black glitter spill , add the flowers from the kit
  slide all these layers beneath the bottom image layer. and add a drop shadow for depth to each of these layers.

add the green tie and orange bow... add shadows for depth.

the cloud goes over the overlay tube layer but underneath the frame.

then add the full tube resize as needed

add a drop shadow for depth.

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