Thursday 16 August 2012

Under My Umbrella - Arthur Crowe Tutorial

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scraps used my Opposites Attract Freebie available on my Scraps blog HERE
Template 224 by Missy -HERE
tube is by Arthur Crowe called Rain Babe you must purchase his tubes to use them HERE
it comes with layers which has different colour rain macs etc... and close ups! very cool!
first open up the template

and then open up a purple coloured paper of choice add as a new layer onto your canvas
open up a purple paper of choice and go to the bottom layer of the template, make this your active layer  
go to Selections - select all - select float.

copy and paste paper as a new layer 
and hit the delete key on your keyboard to delete the excess.
go to Selections none

repeat those steps for all the layers of the template, alternating with colours of your choosing to match the tube you use
if using my kit resize papers by 60% 
resize ribbon by 60% also
the Purple gem circles resize by 90%
I added a tubes to the frames..using the same method above. 
then added a blue paper from the kit and changed the blend mode to Screen
so you get the blended look.

add your main tube then duplicate it and then make the blue circle behind her the active layer
go to Selections - select all - select float. 
make the dupliacted tube the active layer and hit the delete key to remove the excess
then using your erasor tool remove the excess from the bottom tube
so it lines up nicely with the circle.

then duplicate the white frame and move the duplicate behind the main tube

the original frame rotate right by 10%
the wording I used isnt what came with the template

you may snag my wordart for your tag...or here is how to make your own.

I used fonts Toonish size 72 and Aint Nothing Fancy size 55.
for the Aint Nothing Fancy font have your background set to black and foreground set to null
then go to selections expand by 2 and add a new layer beneath and floodfill with white.
add shadows of choice

Toonish font  background set to black and foreground set to white stroke 2
add copyright and save your tag...

Diane xoxo

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