Saturday 3 December 2011


This tutorial was written by me Diane Knight on 20th October
 any resemblance to any other tut is purely coincidental
For this tut I am using the fantastic artwork of Keith Garvey
His tubes are available from PTE
you will need PSP, Alienskin xenofex 2 Plugin
Get a demo HERE

mask from vixpsp under goodies - masks i used Vixmask 42 from set 2 but why not treat yourself to all of them they are fab.
unzip your masks and place them in your psp masks folder

ok open a new canvas 500x450
flood fill with white

add a new raster layer and click on your flood fill tool...
you will need to make your own gradient by combining
two colours from your tube as a Foreground/Background Gradient
Angle 45 Repeat 2 ok flood fill your canvas with the gradient.

go to Layers - Load save mask from disk the Vix_mask42
with the following settings.


go to layers- merge group
add a drop shadow I used Vertical 1 Horizontal 2 Opacity 60 Blur 6 with a mid blue colour.

copy and paste your tube as a new layer, resize as necessary and add the same drop shadow as before this time in Black.

Add a close up image as a new layer  go to Layers - properties and change the blend mode to Luminance legacy and reduce the opacity to about 30-40 %

Add your name i used the same colour Gradient as before.
ok now click on the mask layer and go to
Effects – Plugins  - Alienskin xenofex 2 – constellation
With the settings below:

then go to Image - copy merged- and paste into Animation shop
back to PSP and click undo,
again go to Effects – Plugins  - Alienskin xenofex 2 – constellation, and click the random button,
go to Image - copy merged - and paste into Animation shop after current frame
back to PSP and click undo, 

Repeat this process one more time so that you have 3 frames in your animation.
save as a gif and your done.

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