Saturday 3 December 2011

New Years


for this tutorial I am using a template from Missy at DIVINE INTENTIONS
I used tag template no 47.
download it from her blog here

mask used was by Kris at Paintshopstop no 51
Font used was Crooked
artwork used was Jennifer Janesko you can purchase her tubes now from CDO
SUPPLIES INCLUDED glitter tiles and mask HERE
FREE New Years scrap kit made by me HERE

Place the mask in your masks folder before you begin...
open up the template, delete the watermark by missy layer and the white background layer
then go to iMAGE - CANVAS SIZE and use these settings


next make sure you are on the rounded rectangle bit 2 layer and go to Layers - merge down
this will merge the 2 rounded edges of the template togther on 1 layer.
open up CT-paper5
and copy and paste as a new layer - move to the bottom by going to Layers - arrange - send to bottom
now its time to apply the mask...
go to Layers - Load/save mask - load mask from disk with these setttings

then go to layers Merge Group
NOW click on the rounded edges layer that you merged earlier on, and 
go to Selections - select all, - selections - modify - expand by 1
then copy and paste CT-paper7 into selection
Selections none - add a drop shadow using these settings
now copy and paste the red glitter spill as a new layer, and resize using smartsize 
by 70% and arrange to the left..
then duplicate this layer and go to Image Flip and arrange to the right.
now merge down and add a drop shadow using the same settings as before.

now time to glitter the frames..
open up the glitter tile i provided in suplplies...for this tut i ised Silver, leave it open in psp...
now make sure you are on layer Frame 1
select the frame by going to Selections - select all - float
then go to Selctions - modify - expand by 1
and then choose your paintbucket tool and for the forground of your material palette (where you would normally change the colour of your text) click on the patterns tab and find your glitter tile.
use these settings and click ok...
now just floodfill your frame with the glitter.
go to selections none add a drop shadow as before then
repeat this process for all 3 frames....

now now its time to add your images....
make sure your background frame1 is your active layer go to Selections - select all
then copy and paste as a new layer the image of your choice ,
go to Selections invert and hit the delete key.
then selections none ..
repeat this process for all 3 frames - go to merge down twice so that all 3 images are on the same layer
then slide this layer with all the images underneath the frames. 

add a bow or ribbon of choice from the kit.
i resized mine by 70% using smartsize and added the same drop shadow as before
and with your selection tool just delete the excess.
now add the new years word art, i resized mine by 70% using smartsize then go to Adjust Sharpness - sharpen and again added the same drop shadow.
add the atist © and your name 
Then just save as a png. and your are done!..thanks for trying my tutorial 
here is another tag using the same kit this time
using the artwork of Suzanne Woolcott you need to purchase her tubes from
her site HERE 


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