Friday 2 December 2011

Fade Away - animated tut- image transition -fade


*old tut moved over from my old tut site*
this is another way to fade images....

This animated tag tutorial was written by me Diane Knight on 31/3/07 any resemblance to any other tut is purely coincidental
For this tut I am using the beautiful artwork of Lianne Issa
You can find her art HERE and HERE
she is a general permission but please check out her terms HERE
Obviously you can use any images you have permission for ..
just make them the same size as mine;) and your good to go.
for this tut you will need PSP, and animation shop

Open a new canvas 450 X 450 - floodfill with the colour, white
Copy and paste your choice of image for the main part of the tag (1) as a new layer
add a drop shadow you like
Effects  3D effects – drop shadow

 I used the settings below:

now add 3 close up images and place and arrange them down the side of your
main image.

Add a drop shadow to each layer using the same settings as before.
Add the stitches (see my tag below for placement)
You should now have something that looks like this:

add your some text of your choice the  font I used was AL Serenade and you can get it HERE FREE.

add a drop shadow to the text
Effects - 3D effects – drop shadow
 I used the settings below:
Add your artist's ©
Ok you could finish the tag here and save as a jpg
or you could do the animation.

In PSP go to Edit – copy merged

now copy and paste into Animation shop

back to PSP

find your main image 2 from the supplies
click on the layer with the main image on your tag.
and copy and paste image 2 as a new layer
  on top of the main image in exactly in the same place..
you want it exact otherwise when you animate it will jump around.

Go to - Edit  - Copy merged
Now back to animation shop and paste after current frame

Repeat this step for main image 3
Again pasting after current frame
In animation shop you should have 3 frames to your animation.

Click on frame 1

Go to Effects - insert image transition – 
choose fade from the drop down menu option and adjust to the settings below:


This will add frames to your animation….

Now click on frame 12
Again go to effects – insert image transition – Fade
add the same settings as before.

Now click on frame 1 and copy and paste it after the very last frame (you should have 24 frames now).

Click on frame 23
Again go to effects – insert image transition

And add the fade with the same settings as before -
Crop around your image if needed.
Save as a gif and your done.

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