Sunday 23 October 2011

Autumn FTU supplies tut

Click on image to see the tag in full size
you will need :
Autumn Freebie by me HERE
Image used was by Anna Marine you need to purchase her artwork from CDO here

open up cluster frame from the freebie kit

with your selection tool using these settings
draw out a rectangle selection roughly the size of the frame

then copy and paste the brown paper from my freebie as a new layer

go to Edit - Cut

now go to selections invert,
make certain your paper layer is selcted then hit the delete key to remove the excess

now go to selection none to remove the marching ants selection
slide this layer to the bottom 
then add a drop shadow I used the following settings
next copy and paste the image of choice, i used one by Anna Marine
slide the image below the frame,
then go to Image Rotate left by 5
then add a drop shadow

copy and paste a glitter splat from the kit, I used the bronze colour one...
 duplicate it   - then go to image mirror, 
then image flip

slide both the glitter layers to the bottom

add copyright and your name...
I used Noir-et-Blanc font for my name set to size 48

thanks for looking , i hope you enjoyed my tut x

Diane x

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