Friday 14 October 2011

Autumn Colours - Pinuptoons

Click on the tag to see it as it in full....
Supplies needed:
tube of choice, i used art by Pinuptoons which i bought from CILM
but is now available from CDO

Vixpsp mask362 get from her tut site under masks HERE

PTU Autumn Colours kit is mine
 link to my blog HERE
I am currently with Twilight Scraps and Digital Choas

1st you need to UNZIP the supplies , add the mask to your mask folder

0PEN UP A NEW CANVAS 650 x 600 with a transparent background
 you can always crop later,
open up cluster frame 6 from the kit and simply
copy and paste it as a new layer onto your canvas

open up paper 2 from the kit and copy and paste it
as a new layer onto your canvas slide this layer underneath the frame layer

*if you are not sure how to do this, then just go to layers - arrange - send to bottom*

go to Layers - Load/save mask - load mask from Disk and select the mask called
vixpsp mask 362 with the following settings.

click load  then go to layers - merge group

click inside the frame holding down the shift key, click inside both frames 
with the magic wand tool selected

then go to selections - modify - expand by 5

open paper2 then copy and paste as a new layer
then go to selections invert then hit the delete key to remove the excess
leave the frame selected then add a tube of choice
if using the same one as me, go to image mirror before adding to your canvas
and arrange inside the right frame to your liking then hot the delete key to remove the excess 
then go to LAYERS - Properties - and change the blend mode to screen
then go to selections none

if you make a mistake, dont stress just hit undo and start again.

next add your copyright and name
for my name I used the font Miss Le Gates 
set the font size to 72 background fill dark brown and foreground set to null
 thanks for looking...
Diane x

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