Monday 25 April 2011



3 tubes of choice... 1 cop plus 2 headshots from the same artist,
I used Keith Garvey you must have a licence to use this artists work
these days you can buy from PTE HERE
I also used my own  - Candys Treats - CSI scrap kit,
its a PTU kit and is available from the following stores
 Twilight scraps or Digital Chaos
Laundromat 1967 font get it free HERE


open up palm print from the kit,yes thats my palm!!!! he he
go to Image - mirror 
and copy onto your canvas as a new layer

now open up CSI mess, copy onto canvas, then dupliacte it and resize
by 70% using smartsize, then go to Image Mirror and arrangeto the right side.

open up the evidence ribbon resize by 70% and copy and paste as a new layer onto the canas, 
add a drop shadow, repeat this with the ribbon untill you have 8 ribbon's in a line

open up the fingerprint card resize by 50% then go to Image - Rotate -free roatate left by 20% 
add a shadow

open up the wordart spiral in the word art folder and copy and paste as a new layer

open up the shabbyfolder from the kit resize by 70% add as a new layer , add a drop shadow

now open up paper6 from the kit resize by 60% ...leave open for now...

next open up shabbypolaroid2 frames from the kit and resize by 70%
and copy and paste as a new layer ontop of the shabby folder

then click inside the frame with your magic wand tool, holding down the shift key to select both
frames at once - go to selections expand by 2
copy and paste the paper as a new layer then go to selections - invert
and hit the delete key to remove the excess from around the frame

go to selections - none

slide this paper layer beneath the frame

now to follow the steps above for the 2 headshots, this time just do 1 frame at a time though....

I wanted the headshots black and white , to do this go to 
Adjust- hue saturation - colourise and slide both to zero.

then duplicate the tube layer and
go to Layers - properties - overlay 

which will just add to the contrast and make it stand out more.
ok now to add the blue tape, magnifying glass then the handcuffs andlast the brush,
which i also rotated right by 20%...
resize each by 50% and add a drop shadow to each

add a fingerprint of choice there are 4 to choose from in the kit, add
this on a new layer and slide beneath the magnifying frame layer, I
duplicated mine to make it look darker.

now add the main cop tube, add a drop shadow and arrange to the side

the add the crime scene ribbon resize by 70% and add a drop shadow. arrange to the bottom of her legs

add your copyright and your name

for my name I used a free font called Laudromat on these settings
I hope you liked my tutorial 
till next time Diane x

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