Wednesday 9 March 2011

WITHOUT YOU tut - how to animate image transition


This tutorial was written by diane knight on 8th march 2010 using PSP 9

For this tut I am using the fantastic artwork of Steve Baier
you can purchase his tubes from UYA.

mask needed:
weescotslass mask 148 get it from her blog here
add the mask to your mask folder
font used - carpenter
Open a 500 x 500 pixels canvas , floodfill with white.
copy and paste your tube of choice onto your canvas as a new layer
now add the mask , do this by going to
Layers- Load/save Mask - Load mask from disk

Choose the mask named WSL_Mask 148 and use these settings
click on apply...
go to Layers - merge group
now duplicate this layer and on the top layer
go to
Adjust – hue and saturation – colourise
And use the settings below
next add the text 'without you' , i used Carpenter font , size 48 and used a pink colour from the lips
add a drop shadow
then add the text 'life has no colour' add a drop shadow.
go to Layers -merge down so the 2 text layers are merged.
now would be a great time to add any of ther tex you want on it, like your name and copyright, as you dont want it jumping around when you come to animate it in Animation shop.
once done, copy merged then
now back to PSP
and we are going to make the top tube layer invisible by simply licking on the little eye on that layer
then copy merged again and
still in animation shop click on frame 1 to make sure its selected
now go to Effects - Insert Image Transition and use the following settings...

now you will have a 10 frame animation. go to Edit - select all
then Edit - Copy and paste as a NEW ANIMATION...
now go to select all, then go to ANIMATION- REVERSE FRAMES...
then select all
then edit- copy
now go back to the original animation click on the last frame (frame10) and paste AFTER current frame....
close animation 2 you do not need it.
now i want to slow the animation down a little a i think it looks smoother....
so go to - select all, then go to Animation frame properties and change the display time to 25 

Thats it your tag should have a smooth transition from grey to colour... save as a gif and your done...

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial

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