Saturday 14 September 2013

Pucker Up - Old school PSP tutorial

  photo pUCKERuP-IANE.jpg

click on the tag to view full size
this tag tutorial was made using artwork by art by Leonida Daniel Preda
tubes are available from CDO HERE

open up a new canvas 650 x 250 floodfill with white

add tube then duplicate it, arrange next to each other
go to layers - merge down

then go to Adjust -Blur - Gaussion Blur 10

then go to effects- texture effects- fur
using these settings
 photo FurSetting.jpg
now duplicate this layer

go to image - mirror

go to Layers - merge down

duplicate merged image

then go to image - flip

this should fill your background with a pattern of
blended colours that match your tube

now add tube again as your main image on the left

duplicate it and move slightly to the left

next apply the constellation effect
 go to Effects – Plugins  - Alienskin xenofex 2 – constellation
use these settings
 photo constellation.jpg
add smaller tubes and slide this layer beneather the main imge
 change blend mode to screen
by going to Layers - properties- and change the drop down from normal to screen

add rectangle selection down the height of the tag, where you will add your name
floodfill with white - change blend mode to soft light

add your name in COLLEGE font, white foreground stroke 2

add the text 'pucker up' font fff urban size 8 direction down foreground null
 photo FfUrbanfont.jpg

selections all - selections float -floodfill with black
modify - contract by 3

then hit the delete key to remove the excess

then selections - modify - contract by 2 floodfill with black again

then contract by 2 again and hit the delete key

this should give you the double frame effect around the edge

add artist copyright and save your tag.

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