Saturday 1 June 2013

Wiccan - tutorial

 photo PD-AM-poltegeist-Cora2.gif

this tag tutorial was made using artwork by Anna Marine
you need to purchase her tubes from CDO HERE
scraps used was Wolf Girl by Pimp'd Designs
available HERE
I used the one called whiteclustersparksbylovey
Mask by Weescotslass - Number10 HERE
Extras are available from my Fotki HERE
Start by opening a new canvas roughly 600x600 pixels

open up the moon  copy and paste as a new layer arrange to the top left

open frame 8 from the kit copy and paste as a new layer

 go to Image- rotate right by 20%

  then open paper 11 from the kit copy and paste as a new layer
apply the WSL mask number 10
by going to Layers - Load/save mask - Load mask from disk
use these settings

  photo PD-AM-poltegeistmask.jpg

click load

go to Layers- merge group

slide this layer beneath the frame layer

copy and paste tube of choice,
then duplicate the tube and slide one beneath the frame

make the frame the active layer
and click inside it with the magic wand tool

go to modify - expand by 12

then make the bottom tube the active layer
and go to selections invert then hit the delete key to remove the excess
 go to selections none

then make the top tube the active layer,
and erase the lower part of the tube that is overlapping the lower part of the frame

this makes the tube appear as if she is 'coming out of the frame'

this tube comes with the bats seperatly,
so add them as  new layer
add a drop shadow

resixe entire tag by 80%

and your name plus artist copyright
I used Windsong font settings below

  photo PD-AM-poltegeistFont.jpg
if you didnt want to try the animation
you could save your tag as a png. 

adding animation
first open up the animation you want to use and delete any copyright layer
then just leave it open for now

then go back to PSP
 copy merged and then paste into animation shop

then go to Animation - Animations- Properties 
and choose canvas colour as white
or whatever colour you want to match the background of where you most post your tags

then copy and paste after current frame
keep repeating this step untill you have the same number of frames as your animation
if using the same animation as i did you will need 22 frames

on the animation you want use go to Edit- select all, then edit- copy 
ensure propagate paste button is pressed

then on the the tag you want use go to Edit- select all
and paste into current frame

*make sure you line up with the centre of the sphere on your tag

 save as a gif
  photo PD-AM-poltegeist-Cora.png

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