Wednesday 15 May 2013

If the crown fits...

  photo sb-princess-crownFits.png

this tag tutorial was made using artwork by Pinuptoons
you need to purchase his tubes from CDO HERE
scraps used Oh Minnie by Sarah @Designs by Sarah
available HERE

Extras are available from my Fotki HERE
open up sb_pmt_ohMinnie_print 5slide below the frame
open up frame1 - resize by 70% using smartsize
make certain that all layers box is NOT checked

click inside the frame with the magic wand tool
go to selections modify expand by 2
go to selections invert 

 then copy and paste paper3 from the kit, 
hot the delete key on your keyboard to remove the excess
go to selections none
go to layers -arrange- send to bottom 

then resize frame by another 10%
add bow and element from the kit, resize and add a drop shadow

add tube of choice,
duplicate tube layer and slide one benath the frame layer
then make the top tube the active tube simply by clicking on it, 
add a drop shadow 

then click inside the frame layer with the erasor tool
and go to selections modify expand by 2 
go to selections invert make the bottom tube layer active and hit delete to remove the excess
then with your erasor tool erase the area of the top tube that overlaps the bottom of the frame..
untill it looks tidy and her head appears to come
out of the frame like mine.

add copyright and your name or text, save your tag.

  photo sb-princess-diane.png

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