Wednesday 22 May 2013

Aloha - Roman Zaric

 photo Aloha-Roman.png

this tag was made using a tube is by Roman Zaric available HERE
and matching kit from his store

 MASK No.47 by Weescotslass her blog is HERE


 open up a new canvas 650 x 650
open up the sandcastle from the kit resize by 60% using smartsize
open up the wave from the kit, add as a new layer
then the sand, add as a new layer.

then go to Layers -merge down
then apply mask 47 from weescotslass.
by going to Layers - Load/save mask
Load mask from disk

  photo Aloha-Roman-mask.jpg
 click load.

then go to layers - merge group

then add the frame

then the palm tree - resize by 60%

then add the tube, and duplicate it
then slide the duplicate beneath the frame layer

make the top tube the active layer, and erase the bottom part of the tube

add wish you were here text and your name.
and artist copyright

add elements of choice from kit.
save your tag.

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