Saturday 10 March 2012

Written in your Eyes

This tutorial was written by me on 08th March 2012 any resemblance to any other tut is purely coincidental
For this tut I am using the fantastic artwork of Steve Baier
you can purchase his tubes from UYA.
i used the tube entitled Written in your eyes.
texture is a paper made by me and is included in my Valentine freebie on my scraps blog, as are the flowers etc you see in this tag...downlaod from .my  scraps blog is HERE 
Mask used was from Weescotslass no 145 her blog is HERE
Templateno 36 by Yvette HERE look under the heading Downloads on the right side.
fonts used were 2 PTU fonts so you may use my 'in your eyes' Word art above
 its  a .png so just right click and save it.


Lets begin by unzipping your supplies, and adding the mask to your mask folder
then open the template and delete the watermark layer
copy and paste the grey valentine paper  as a new layer , and slide to the bottom layer, but above the white background layer

apply mask by going to Layers - Load/Save mask from disk


click load, then go to layers merge group.
make the large long dark grey rectangle the active layer by clicking on it and go to selections all, selections float ...with your selection still selected
 open up the pink textured paper, resize using smartsize to 600 pixels copy and paste the paper onto your canvas as a new layer and go to selections invert and with the paper layer selected hit the delete key to remove the excess.. 
go to selections none
you can delete the grey rectangle layer now as you do not need it.

 then select the thin rectangle and and floodfill with colour I used black, add a drop shadow.
then select the 3 small squares on the template by going to select all - selections float , then open up youe tube and paste as a new layer, once you are happy with the position of the tube 
go to selections invert and hit the delete key to remove the excess 
go to selections none

repeat this process again with the tube for the main rectangle with the main image.

then resize leaves by 80% copy and paste as a new layer and slide this layer so its positioned between the mask and the bottom rectangle layer.

resize flowers by 20% add a drop shadow and  position them untill you are happy
add my 'In your eyes' wordart.

crop around your tag for neatness add a drop shadow to any of the rectangle layers if you havent already done so.....

add your name and the artist © information
save your tag with a unique name and your done.
Till next time
Diane x


  1. Tutorial doesn't specify which template to use

  2. what are the two fonts

  3. GREAT tut! Really enjoyed doing it!

  4. materials doesn't work specify
    from this tutorial

  5. template 36 was used , sorry have now updated the tut x

  6. I too, would love to know what fonts you used.

  7. I know the 'E' is Zinco, and it's a free font:

  8. And great tut, by the way! Thanks for sharing :)