Saturday 21 January 2012


hey everyone, I just made this tag, and I quite like it, 
may have something to do with the fact that I LOVE the Supernatural tv show....
anyhoo I thought I would share how I did it...
so for this tut you will need..
Dean and Sam tubes now available from Arthur Crowe's Store here 
I got mine when he was at PTE
these tubes come with additional close up layers
FREE grunge paper texture by Arghus from Deviantart HERE
supernatural knight font get it free here
open up new canvas 650 pixels by 250
ok so open up the texture in psp and rotate right by 90  
and copy and paste as a new layer onto your canvas
then type the word WINCHESTER in the supernatural font

  material pallette background set to white , foreground on null, font size 40
convert to raster layer

arrange to the right side of the tag
then- go to image - duplicate  - image mirror flip

for  his tag i used layer2 for both tubes
so add both tubes to your canvas both on a new layer

next  with your selection tool set to rectangle, draw out

a long rectangle going the entire length of the canvas, 
then floodfill with white, next change the blend mode to hue legacy...

type the word SUPERNATURAL in the supernatural knight font

background fill white, foreground set to null , font size 72

convert to raster layer,  
change the blend mode to soft light
add a new raster layer, then floodfill with a light grey -
go to select all - selections modify

contract by 3 then hit the delete key,
then go to selections none.

you should be left with a frame around the edge
add the artist copyright

then change the blend mode of the word 'supernatual'

back to normal and copy and paste as a new animation

into animation shop

- go to effects -  insert image effect

with these settings - shaky cam

this should give you a 21 frame animation

ok leave it open in animation shop we will come back to it...

go back to psp 
and change the word supernatural back to soft light

 go to  copy merged  and paste into animation shop

still in animation shop go to edit - copy , then edit- paste after current frame

keep repating paste after current frame untill you

have 21 frames...the same number for the text animation...

next make sure the propagate paste button is pressed in, see my screenshot below,

ok now make the text animation you made before your

current canvas then go to edit - select all ,
then go to edit copy  and click on the tag animation 
go to
edit select all and paste INTO current animation,

make sure the text lines up nicely..
if you make a mistake dont worry click undo button

got to View- animation and if happy save as a gif and you are done

*font for my name - Noir-et-Blanc

if you like the effect of the blended look in the background of the tag below, then simply use the largest tubes and palce them as you like behind the main images,
and go to layer - properties -
and change the blend mode from normal to overlay ;)
i hope you enjoyed this tutoral 
diane xoxo


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