Tuesday 3 May 2011

Pink to make the boys wink tag tutorial


 tube by Barabara Jenson tube from her site HERE
Scrap kit by me  - Pink to make the boys wink, you can purchase it
from TWILIGHT SCRAPS HERE  or Digital Chaos here
font used: Ink In The Meatget it free here

open new canvas 600 x 600 with a transparent background

copy and paste as a new layer the pinkwink smudge from the kit

next open up pink bubbles resize by 75% add them as a new layer

open up frame 15 from the kit, resize by 80% copy and paste as a new layer

click inside the frame using magic wand tool

go to modify selection - expand by 3 then copy and paste a  pink paper fom kit

go to selections invert then hit the delete key to remove the excess
go to selections none

click on the frame layer and add a shadow

add fairysparkle 3 from the kit  and slide beneth the frame

add tube of choice, resize if needed, slide this tube beneath the frame the add a shadow,
then duplicate the tube and slide this layer above the frame, 
if not sure how to do this go to layers - arrange - bring to top

then use the erasor tool on these settings 
to erase the bottom of the tube so that it appears to pop out of the frame

add pink flower1 resize by 75% then rotate - free rotate right by 5

add a shadow

add pink wink ribbon cluster arrange to the bottom of the frame

add a shadow

add pinkwink charm5 add a shadow arrange to the left side by the ribbons

add pinkwink wordart5 resize by 70% , arrange to the right side
add a shadow

add your name I used Ink In The Meat font on these settings

background fill black foreground fill pink
convert the layer to a raster layer and add a drop shadow

add your copyright and save your tag...
thanks for looking xxx

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