Saturday 22 February 2014

Great Hotness - tag tutorial

 photo greathotnessDiane.png

this tag tutorial was made using artwork by Elias Chatzoudis
I bought my tubes from PTE but they are now available from Elias's own site HERE
scraps used Arachnid by Sarah @Designs by Sarah
available HERE
Halloween Mask 0905 by VixPSP HERE
add mask to your mask folder

open paper 2 from the kit resize by 70%
copy and paste paper2 onto your canvas
then apply vix halloween mask 0905

by going to Layers - load/save mask from disk 
choose the correct mask and click load or apply.

  photo greathotnessMask.jpg
depending on your version of PSP.
go to Layers - Merge - Merge group 

open up  frame 2 resize by 90%
copy and paste as a new layer onto your canvas
add a drop shadow

using the selection tool in PSP
draw out rectangle and while its still selected
 completely fill the selection with tube of choice
do this by keep copying  and pasting each tube as a new layer
 then when happy with placement of all tubes go to
selections invert and hit the delete key to remove the excess from each tube layer
untill you are left with just the rectangle filled with your tube
it will look something like this...
  photo greathotnessSelection.png
now go to selections none

next merge down till all the tubes are on the one layer
adjust hue and saturation to zero

*next step is optional 
then go to Plugins - Xero Radiance using these settings

 photo catwoman-radiance.jpg 

now floodfill on a new layer with gradient of choice
there are some great free ones HERE OR HERE

  then change the blend mode to screen
by going to Layers- Properties and in the drop down menu choose 'Screen'
you can play with different gradients, and different blend modes for different effects..

add spider from the kit resize by 35%
add a drop shadow

add the pink web line resize by 95% slide beneath the frame and rectangle layer

add a drop shadow
I used 2H 2V opacity 48 blur 3

Add your text or name
fonts I used were too tight set to 72 get it HERE
and  lamplighter Script set to 48 get it here
 photo greathotnessDiane.png

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