Saturday 13 April 2013

PMTws - Sweetness

 photo PMTws-sweetness-Sarah.png

this tag tutorial was made using artwork by Rion Vernon - Pinuptoons
tubes are available from CDO HERE
scraps used 'The Sweetest' by Designz by Sarah available HERE
template no.3 from by Amy&Leigh's January rain range HERE 
Extras/Snags avaiable HERE
 open up Template no.3
delete the credit watermark.

open up sb_pmt_the-sweetest-print 1from the kit
 and copy and paste as a new layer
send to bottom layer
go to Image -mirror
open up sb_pmt_the-sweetest-print 2 from the kit
and copy and paste as a new layer
send to bottom layer
next make layer 1 of the template the active layer simply by clicking on it
go  to select all - selections float selections modify expand by 1
then copy and paste a paper from the kit as a new layer
go to selections invert
hit the delete key to remove the excess

go to selections none

repeat untill all the template layers 
are filled with papers of your choice 

then copy and paste sb_pmt_the-sweetest-ribbon 1
resize by 90%

then copy and paste sb_pmt_the-sweetest-skull 1
resize by 50% using smartsize
and with your erasor tool set to a small round brush about 15 in size
hardness set to about 75
erase the outer edges of the eyes
so that it looks as though the ribbon is threading through the skull eyes.

 then add tube of choice

at this stage  crop the excess from your tag,

then add drop shadows to all layers

finally add  sb_pmt_the-sweetest-winged heart
resize by 60% add a shadow

add artist copyright and your name
font used for name was Aint Nothing Fancy set to size 36

save your tag

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