Saturday 16 February 2013

Shamrock - Lucky Charms tutorial

 photo Rac-LuckyCharms.gif

Scraps used - was a freebie by Flergs called SHAMROCK her blog is HERE
tube by Ismael Rac you must purchase his tubes HERE
ANIMATION by Simone @ Scrappy Bit of Fun HERE
I used animation number 279 from the st patricks collection
there are some fab ones on her blog.
open up a new canvas 550x400 pixels
 and because we will be animating later, FloodFill with white or a colour of choice,
animating on a transparent background is a tutorial all on itself!

the scraps I used are full size so will need to be shrunnk down considerably.
open up the paint BG from the kit, resize using smartsize 20%
copy and paste as a new layer onto your canvas

do the same for the Paint2

open up the frame and resize by 18%
copy and paste as a new layer onto your canvas

using your magic wand click inside every frame while holding down the shift key
till all 4 are selected.

go to selections modify expand by 3 and copy and paste as a new layer with paper of choice,
I used paper3 and resized by 20%

then copy and paste tubes of choice, I used Kiss my clover 2013 by Ismael Rac
I resized by 50% using smartsize. it has different hair colours on seperate layers...
once done go to selections none

then add the bow resized by 10%
and a couple of clovers, also resize by 10-20%

make yourself some word art...

the words 'are you staring at my' I used carpenter font background fill dark grey.
the words 'LUCKY CHARMS' i used
 Rat Infested Mailbox, font size 48 background fill I used paper resized by 20%
and I used this as a pattern fill

convert to raster layer then got o selections modify expand by 2
and floodfill white as a new layer, slide this layer underneath and go to Layers - merge down.
add a drop shadow.

Name - Bellarose size 48 background fill dark grey
add copyrights...
open the premade animation 279 by Simone in animation shop
you will see it has 16 frames
leave as is for now...

go to copy merged and paste into animation shop as a new animation
 then duplicate this frame 15 times 
and Select All
click the propagate patste button (it looks like 3 sheets of paper)

now click on the premade animation by patricia and go to Select All
and copy and paste into your tag

this should add the premade animation to your tag

save your tag  as a gif with a unique name and you are done...

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