Wednesday 18 July 2012


 this tutorial using Art by Pinuptoons, used with a licence...
scraps are by me - SoTweet available at Twilight Scraps HERE
I used Gems mask 164 from HERE
Snags are available in my Fotki HERE
 open up a new canvas 650 x 350 pixels should do it

open up paper2 from the kit its a pink polka dot one...resize by 70% using smartsize

apply the mask by going to 
Layers - Load/Save mask from disk 
choose the mask called Gems mask 164
and click apply
go to Layers -merge- merge group
add the pink tree from the kit, and resize by 80%
 delete the tree trunk so you are just left with the swirly top
add a drop shadow of your choice

add the small pink scattered flowers, add a drop shadow
now to make the small little white frames
 using your selection tool set to square  
draw out a small square selection roughly 8 squares by 8
floodfill with white
then  go to selections modify - contract by 5
hit the delete key on your keyboard

go to selections none

now duplicate the this frame twice...

bottom frame go to image - free rotate -left by 10
next frame go to image - free rotate -right by 10
top frame go to image - free rotate -left by 10
arrange to your liking.... see my tag for example

add tubes to all 3 frames.. do this by...
 using your magic wand tool click inside 1 frame to mark the selection
go to selections -  expand by 3
  then open up your tube and paste as a new layer, once you are happy with the position of the tube
go to selections invert and hit the delete key to remove the excess 
go to selections none

repeat this process again for the other 2 frames
then move all 3 tube layers beneath all 3 the frame layers

add white scrap paper element from the kit resize by 70%

add SO TWEET wordart from the kit resize by 80% add a drop shadow
add the branch from the kit with the birdies on, resize by 80% add a drop shadow
add green string from the kit resize by 70% add a drop shadow
add green stitched from the kit, resize by 60%
add staple from the kit resize by 60% 

add your name and artist copyright and save your tag...

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