Wednesday 11 May 2011

Drive me Crazy - free scraps tag & tut


free cluster frm Polkadot scraps from her blog HERE
1 nice script font i used Carpenter its a PTU font
1 other font I used Noir-et-blanc get it free HERE
1 fab image, I used an Image by Shawn Palek
you can purchase his art from UYA here

open up image of choice - if using the sae image as me, - resize by 80% using smartsize

now add a border  - 4
by going to image- add border  chose the colour white
click ok
add a drop shadow ,
by going to effects-3d effects- drop shadow
 used these settings

copy and paste the frame as a new layer on to your canvas

add the same shadow as before to the cluster frame

now choose the text tool and add the word Drive
first choose the Noir font background black foreground white with these settings

convert to raster layer 
then add the same drop shadow as before
now select a nice script font, I used carpenter , background white foreground null
 write the words 'me crazy'
using these settings

arrange to your liking, then lasty add the word 'you' with the same script font add a shadow,
place to your liking 

add your copyright and your name with the Noir font ...
and save your tag....

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