Saturday 18 December 2010

Animated Cheeky Snowman by me


new animated tutorial by me using Clarey's new scrap kit - Christmas Town
get it HERE
mask is my own, you want mask 4 get it HERE

Open up a new canvas size 650 x 600
flood fill with white, (its just easier when saving animation)

open paper4 from the kit its the blue paper, copy and paste as a new layer
then apply the mask using these settings


add the snow3 from the kit, add a shadow
copy and paste the snowhill from the kit,

then add the 4 houses,
you want to resize the 2 outer ones by 60% and the 2 inner ones by 50% this gives the illusion that they are smaller and therefore further away
add a tree from the kit, resize by 40% add a shodow, then duplicate twice and arrange to your liking.

now copy and paste a reindeer, resize by 50%
add the bird, resize by 20%
add a shadow after each
add the snowman - resize by 60%
add a drop shadow then add your copyright and name
the reason I add them now is so you dont have to fiddle with your animation afterwards

ok for the animation of the snowman's eye,

firSt open up animation shop and copy merged over to animation shop as a new animation simply take your selection tool on these circle settings see my screen shot


select an area of the snowmans body just slightly larger than his eye.

then copy and paste the selection as a new layer and place over the right eye of the snowman to obsure it...

go to selections none
then take your pen tool and using these settings shown below, draw a straight line for the wink of his eye.


you want your foreground set to black and background null
go to copy merged and paste into animation shop after current frame
still in animation shop go to edit - select all then change the frame properties to 50

do this by clicking on animation - frame properties and change the display time to 50

this slows down the wink.

save as a unique file name as a gif and you are done


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