Friday 17 September 2010

new tut from me - SPOOKYLICIOUS


For this tut I am using the fantastic and FREE artwork of Popeye Wong
This is one of the few artist's that are not only Free to use but have tubes available for you to download on his site! so you should check out this artists work and their TOU HERE
tube used is called the other side at sight download the tube from his website...yay!!!
For this tut you will need PSP,
ptu - Spookylicious scrap kit by me get it from
Twilight Scraps HERE under Candys Treats or from Digital Chaos
dont forget to check out my blog for freebies HERE
you will need to Unzip any supplies

OPEN A NEW CANVAS 600 x 600 resolution 72
open up frame3 resize by 70%
holding down the shift key click inside each of the 4 frames
go to selections - modify - expand by 8
now open up paper called SpookyGlitterpurple1 resize by 50%
copy and paste as a new layer onto your canvas, go to selections invert, hit the delete key
then selections none

slide the paper layer beneath the frame layer..

now add a drop shadow to the frame layer,
i used vertical 2 horizontal 2 opacity 70 blur 6
open up the moon resize by 25% copy and paste as a new layer,
add the same drop shadow

open up the haunted house resize by 35%
add the same drop shadow open up cloud1 from the kit, resize by
45% arrange over the moon reduce the opacity in the layers palette down to 70%
open up cloud1 again from the kit, resize by 55% arrange to the bottom of the frame
to the left

now copy and paste pumpkin resize by 20% , add a shadow
open up the bats from the kit and resize by 25% arrange over the moon, add a shadow

open up the purple scattered flowers from the kit resize by 70%, add a shadow and
arrange to the bottom

open the ghost from the kit, go to image - mirror then resize by 15% arrange near the house.

open up the green spookylicious word art from the kit, resize by 70%,

go to adjust - sharpen then add a shadow

open up the spider resize by 20% add a shadow...

selet the ghost layer, go to layers- duplicate then got to image - mirror
and arrange to the left of the word art

open up glitter spill, resize by 70% go to layers - arange - send to bottom

duplicate and move over to the right
open up the tube you got from popeye wong's website - called the other side at sight
go to image - mirror then add a drop shadow, now copy and paste onto the
canvas as a new layer...

arrange the tube on the layers pallete so that the tube is on top of the frame but
under the cloud , so that the cloud has the illusion of mist....

to get rid of the excess tube simply make certain that your tbe layer is the active layer,
choose your selections tool,
simply select the area you want to remove...and hit delete key
go to selections none

add the artists ©
Save your tag as a JPEG  or a PNG and your done!

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